The Most Effective Data Network in Global Locations

As technology and customer demands expand and develop, targets and conditions for datacenters and data storage keep changing as well. We, as Venois, take up your needs in detail and care about ensuring that our services, as well as the ones you are using, are flexible and can be scaled easily as your business grows. In 15 different locations, we offer fast, reliable, seamless and controlled datacenter environment with 100% accessibility and uptime.

General Features


Over datacenter surveilance platform, all system rooms, building, cooling systems and power systems are under continuous surveilance and controlled.

Internet Connection

Our internet access infrastructure is always available redundantly with Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, Interoute, Cogent and Level3.


Our power systems are supplied by fully redundant N+N power systems and leading UPS devices. All our power infrastructure is 100% backed up.


Temperature and humidity values in our datacenter is continuously monitored with our cooling systems and all systems work with N+1 and N+2 configurations.

Fire Extinguishing

Our systems are supported by fire extinguishing systems that comply with FM200 standard. All systems are monitored with temperature, humidity and smoke detectors.

100% Uptime

Venois services are offered with 100% uptime rate. Our 100% backed up services ensure that you will have continuous access to your services.

All entries and exits to the datacenter is controlled and logged.
With 24/7 surveillance and control, our datacenter and network systems are under surveilance and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a look at these frequently asked questions for your questions.

In all mentioned locations, you can have server rental (dedicated servers), cloud servers and server hosting (colocation) services.

Yes, you can announce your own IP addresses in our datacenter and use them.

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